A Cornflour Blue Aura Angel

Hey there lovelies and a very happy day to you, wherever you may be. Today I wanted to share with you a cornflour blue aura angel <3

I love to share these art works and experiences with you all – I learn so much each time I create one of these pieces. It’s always an emotional experience between myself and the person I am working with/for.

These angels really capture something about the person themselves – their inner selves if you like. Each one is unique and I find the whole process to be so very special.

Here’s another timelapse video of an angel coming to life for you. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed that video. Here’s a little more of what Astra had to say about her aura angel:

a cornflour blue aura angel

Sarah Leonard is an exquisitely magical artist and BE-ing. Once I received my Aura Angel portrait in the mail (who, by the way, had traveled almost all the way to me, then got returned to Sarah due to an address error, and then flew all the way back to me!) – I knew at once, just viewing the package, that she (my Aura Angel) was going to affect my life in wondrous ways.

When the parcel arrived, I brought it in and laid it out on the dining room table. I was grinning from ear to ear. I could sense magic abounding. I set to unwrapping this continental beauty (from the UK to Illinois, America!).

Upon first opening the parcel, a scent blossomed up towards my nostrils – I wasn’t sure what, but Orange Blossoms were at the fore of my mind! WOW! My amazing overseas package smelled deee-light-FULL! I was mesmerized. I continued the unwrapping.

There was giftie after giftie abounding…beyond the portrait, I received amazing presents in the intuitively chosen gift bag!

After taking in the beautiful gifts, which included magnificent bonus art, I finally steeled my nerves to dig in and ACCEPT the amazing gift of the Aura portrait herself! As a spiritual entrepreneur I am used to giving – but receiving has been a challenge….and OH! When I unwrapped the GIRL – 🙂 The Aura Angel portrait, that is – WOW.

She just brought me right into my center. She reminded/reminds me of all that is important. To receive Love, first and foremost. YESSS!

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your beautiful, intuitive gifts with the world. You are amazing – I LOVE my aura portrait, and I love you! THANK YOU FOREVER!


Using Art to Create the Space to Grow and Shine

If you’d like to receive your very own angel art then head over to the home page here to find out more. I’d love to work with you.

Have a fantastic day lovelies!

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