A Pale Lilac Aura Angel

Hey there lovelies and a very happy day to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share with you a pale lilac aura angel <3

I am loving creating these gorgeous custom pieces of art.

They are also little soul nudges though – they remind us to make time for creativity and that our energies and auras are so very important.

We should cultivate them and take care of them in the same way we do our bodies.

Once we have seen how our energies look and our auras, I think that task becomes easier – when we can visualise just what they should be.

It makes it easier for us to connect with them.

Here’s a little timelapse of how I created this piece – enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed the video – I enjoy sharing them. Here’s the finished angel close up for you to see:

a pale lilac aura angel

And here’s what my gorgeous customer Raeeka had to say about her angel once she arrived:

a pale lilac aura angel

If you’d like to grab an aura angel of your own, head on over to the home page here and choose the package that is just right for you.

Have a fantastic day lovelies!

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