A FREE Taster Lesson from Ask The Angels

A FREE Taster Lesson from Ask The Angels

Hey there lovelies and a very happy day to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share A FREE Taster Lesson from Ask The Angels with you all, right here on the blog.

The idea is to inspire you (obviously) as well as give you a little taster of what’s in store if you sign up for my Extra Special ECourse Bundle this month! Ask The Angels is just one of 13 courses on offer in the bundle for only £45 (Approx $59). Which is a huge bargain as each course separately is £30 each!

A FREE Taster Lesson from Ask The Angels

Hey there lovelies and welcome to Week 5: An Angel of Joy.

We are going to work through a whole series of exercises here to help you consider your very own angel and connect with her.

We’ll begin with an oracle card and a message from our angel for this week. The card deck we are using for this course is Doreen Virtue’s Messages from the Angels.

We’ll then move onto crystals we can use to help us connect more closely with the idea of joy.

Next we have a compassionate mediation to help us go within and really connect with our own inner joy.

Then you have a choice of two creative activities – an angelic colouring page (perfect if you’re having a busy week) or an in-depth angelic art project.

These resources you will have access to for life – so you can come back to them at any time.

My advice is to go with what calls to you in the moment – choose the activities you feel you’ll enjoy the most.

Our Angel Oracle


A FREE Taster Lesson from Ask The Angels

A message from Isabella: “In answer to your questions, yes this situation is everything you hoped it would be. It is still a good idea to keep your eyes open and pray for Angelic assistance along your way. Even ideal situations require adjustments as you move forward. However, we angels foresee smooth sailing with this decision.

The opportunity is even more favourable because of the timing. Several pieces of the puzzle have now fallen into place. You have also learned some invaluable lessons that have prepared you. Your patience has paid off, and now it is time for you to reap the rewards. Take bold steps, while listening to the wise guidance of your heart as you move forward fearlessly.”

Be joyful! The time is right and your positive thinking has brought great things into your life. Invite that joy inside, revel in it and allow it to boost you up and fire you towards the stars with your dreams and goals.

Try to keep that knowledge with you, during this week in particular.

Our Crystal of Joy.

A FREE Taster Lesson from Ask The Angels

The top recommended crystals for joy are: Citrine, Rose Quartz, or Sunstone. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Carnelian, Chrysoprase, or Watermelon Tourmaline. An affirmation you can use with your crystal to help bolster your intentions: “I am filled with happiness and I spread joy everywhere I go.”

Happiness and joy are associated with the Heart chakra.

Our Meditation on Joy.

Week 1: An Angel of Love and Happiness

Your Angelic Art Tutorial.

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial – feel free to share your angel art with us in the Facebook Group <3

Week 5 An Angel of Joy from Sarah Leonard on Vimeo.

 Password: angelically

Click here to view a list of my favourite art supplies with links.

A FREE Taster Lesson from Ask The Angels

I really hope you enjoyed this lovely free sample and that you’ll join me for my lovely new bundle offer Angelic Calm for Christmas. In it you get the whole of the Aks The Angels ECourse plus a fantastic set of guided meditations plus my creative soul sessions awakened meditations too.

Head on over here to read all about it.

Have a fantastic day lovelies!

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  1. Really beautiful how lovey to give a free taster. So generous Sarah Thank YOU.
    Happy belated PPF Tracey x
    P.S I have not had chance to sort out what we spoke about as I have been on holiday, will try and sort it asap 🙂

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