A Glowing Green Aura Angel: Behind The Scenes

A Glowing Green Aura Angel: Behind The Scenes

A Glowing Green Aura Angel: Behind The Scenes

Hey there lovelies and a very happy day to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share another behind the scenes aura angel video with you – this time a glowing green aura angel.

I created this lovely angel as a gift for a customers friend in the run up to Christmas and she loved it! Plus the description of the aura and everything else. She couldn’t wait to see it and then share it with her friend. What a special present.

In the video you’ll see me connecting with my guides, writing down all of the key aura information and then painting the original art from beginning to end in timelapse. I hope you enjoy seeing her come to life!

I really love the green aura angels – they’re all about growth and thriving. I so enjoy them. Here’s the finished angel all completed:

A Glowing Green Aura Angel: Behind The Scenes

I so love to create these angels and send them out into the world for people to enjoy. I always get such lovely feedback from customers too.

If you’d like to order an aura angel of your very own then you can find out how to get yours right here.

I’d love to create an angel just for you.

Have a great day!


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    1. I didn’t know the word aura had relevance in terms of seizures at all. It was quite interesting to read up on them though as an early warning system for a potential seizure, as you can sometimes tell from a person’s aura (in the sense I mean it as an energy that surrounds them) that can be an indicator of feelings that might be hidden but also potentially damaging. Really fascinating. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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