About me

about meHi there – I’m Sarah. Welcome to my curiously creative corner of the internet!

I am an artist and creativity coach who loves nothing better than to help women connect with their own creativity and watch them grow and shine as they do.

I know the healing power of art from my own experience – it helped me work through depression and anxiety and made me a much happier person.

I’ve helped lots of different women to let art into their lives, via my aura angels, ECourses, original art services and more.

Let me see if I can help you too.


My story (and the story of my curious business) …

a new art cast for you - all about commitments and feeling overstretchedIt all started for me back in 2010. I had just returned from an adventure teaching in the middle east. I came home and really felt I needed to get out of the 9-5 rat race somehow.

I was burned out and totally worn down with every aspect of working my job. The stressful targets, long hours and the difficult situations I would see with often vulnerable students.

I knew I had to break away from all of that for the good of my own mental health (I’d had some serious bouts of depression – enough was enough). It was too much for my sensitive soul to handle.

So I decided to set up my own business. I had no clue what I was doing, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me!


all about nichesAs it is with everything, you have to start from where you are (not where you’d like to get to in the end). So, I falteringly started taking steps towards my dream.

I already had a blog with a fairly good readership from my first initial forays into being creative (which were the most wonderful healing and freeing experiences I had ever had- so I knew what I really wanted to share with the world). So, I decided to work from there and include my blog into my business too.

I had lots of ideas to share but it was hard at first, getting out there and really putting myself forward. I remember the first time I tried to record a video – I simply couldn’t bring myself to speak at all! It ended up being a slideshow of photos instead!


marriedI set up an Etsy shop and sold the things I’d been creating – mostly photographic quotes made into cards and some of my first sketches and paintings. I began to think about possible ecourses and things, but they didn’t come along for a while.

I was still working full time at a local school at this point, so I was fitting everything in around all of that. It was pretty exhausting, but I was pretty determined to make it work.

I got married and settled into a life where I didn’t have to be fiercely independent any more. I was juggling a lot of different things at this point but I knew deep down that I was heading in the right direction.

I was floored by my final bout of deep depression in 2014, and I knew I had to say goodbye to the day job completely. I couldn’t carry on this way. Thankfully my husband was very supportive of all of this and helped me on my way. He just wanted me to be happy.


Fast forward to now …. (my story continued)

Instagram Favourites from my Life LatelyNow I run a successful business. I teach music from my home to lots of lovely local children (and adults!). I sell my art and share my creative knowledge online with lots of lovely women who want to invite more creativity into their lives. I create Aura Angels, mixed media art and lots of online creative courses.

I love my business and love spending time working on it (I have to stop myself from being a bit obsessive sometimes actually!)

It can be great fun and really rewarding when you see someone able to accomplish something creatively that they never thought they would. It makes it all really worthwhile. And when people really love my art work that feels amazing to me.


My business has grown and grown as I have made my way through my creative life.

Now it is a wonderful resource for people who love to buy arty gifts for friends and family and for people who want to explore their own arty gifts too!



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