Aura Angel Memorials For NowAura Angel Memorials

Find out all about these gorgeous Aura Angel Memorials for now

It can be so hard to have lost a loved one. You can feel lost, adrift and really very fragile.

You’re looking for ways to comfort and console your yourself in some way, but at the same time this can feel like a kind of betrayal.

You want to spend time honouring, remembering and basking in the glow of the precious person who is no longer with you.

You want something that can soothe your soul and give you that feeling of connection with your loved one.

I think I have the perfect thing for you – my Aura Angel Memorial art pieces.

Why not watch a gorgeous Memorial Angel come to life in this lovely video:

Aura Angel Memorials

This option is available for everyone – wherever in the world you may live. It’s a chance to easily and simply order a gorgeous memorial piece of angel art for you to display and treasure and remember your loved one by.

All you have to do is email me your favourite picture of your lost loved one (or an ultrasound picture if you’d like me to read for your angel baby) and I will do the rest for you, posting out your gorgeous Aura Angel directly to your front door. Don’t worry if you don’t have an ultrasound picture – I will still be able to connect with your Angel Baby through your energy.

These pieces are really meaningful and infused with Angelic energies. My guide will allow me to access the energies of your loved one and tell me all about their Aura, their energies and their soul’s footprint (how many lives they’ve lived).

I then use this information to create a wonderful piece of bespoke art work that you can treasure always. You will love seeing the painting in your home. It will remind you of the person you’ve lost, and give you a real sense of comfort knowing you have honoured their memory in such a beautiful and visible way.

You will feel such a sense of release and a warm glow as soon as you receive your Angel.

Aura Angel Memorials

Cost £67 (Approx $79) for your bespoke memorial art.

Also, while stocks last each purchase of an original art piece from my store comes with THREE FREE GIFTS! These will be selected for you from a range of lovely necklaces, brooches, notebooks, cards and other goodies.

These won’t last forever though – so grab the extra gifts while you can! Check out the lpicture above for samples of these free gifts you will recieve.


Aura Angel Memorials

Aura Angel Memorials

Aura Angel Memorials