Creative Kick Start

Creative Kick Start

Are you wanting to be more creative?

Have you always thought you could be an artist, but never got the time?

Has creativity always been a bit of a mystery to you?

Let me paint a picture you might recognise … You’re at home way more than usual. The TV is no longer your friend (where are all of your favourite shows anyway?) and the only part of the week when you know what day it is is Thursday (mainly because of the clapping on the doorstep).

You’re bored. Admit it. We all are a little. You’re wondering what you could do that would help you use up the time in a more pleasurable and constructive way. You don’t think you’ve got it in you to learn a new language, and you’re looking around for something immersive and relaxing to transport you out of lockdown (virtually, of course!).

Here is the answer you’ve been looking for …

Creative Kick Start

The Creative Kick Start bundle of three lovely courses will allow you to explore your creativity from the comfort of your own home. It will dispel the mind monkeys (the ones that say unhelpful things like “but I can’t even draw” “I was never any good at art at school” and the like), it will support you step by step on your arty journey, and you will have a whole set of fabulous paintings to brighten up your home when you’re done! What could be better?

Creative Kick Start

Why listen to me?

I’m Sarah, an artist and coach who has gone from creative zero to creative hero! I too at one stage thought I couldn’t draw and was no good at art. I ignored the whispers to take up art making for such a long time that I ended up in a very unhappy place in my life. It was only when I started to let art in that I found my true happy place and I haven’t looked back since. I’d love to help you find your arty happy place too, as I have done for so many women over the years.

Creative Kick Start

The Creative Kick Start Bundle is a set of three ECourses designed to help you connect with your creativity, light a fire under your artist soul and be the most creative being you can possibly be.

When you click Buy Now you will be taken over to paypal to complete your purchase, and you will be redirected to a gorgeous PDF with all of your access details ready for you to download and save.

Here’s what’s included in this gorgeous bundle:

This gorgeous, accessible short course will guide you through using meditation, EFT and art to help you deal with your emotions, embrace them, and use them to fuel the changes you want to see in your magical life.

Each lesson is like a mini art therapy session but you get to take part from the comfort of your own home – wearing your slippers and feeling truly yourself. It’s a fabulous way to really grow in confidence and let your soul self shine!

This lovely course will take you through a series of prompts and negative beliefs you may have around yourself, your gifts and your ability to be creative. You will release them all and create some fabulous art in the process – to hell with your inner critic!

Letting go of the negative and truly engaging with the positive is the only way to really and finally be free of these negative persistant thoughts that can hold us back. Let me show you how to release them and how to develop your own healing art practice.

This uplifting soulful 4 Week ECourse will encourage you to connect with your inner creative awesome and start to heal those creative wounds. It will inspire you to look within and invite your inner child to join you on an artful adventure full of joy and creativity.

You will be able to access all three courses from your mobile, tablet or computer at any time of the day or night, and you will have lifetime access to all three of them.

The courses are all self paced so you can go at the speed that suits you and can share your creative experiences over in our lovely Facebook community too!

Usual price £90 (approx $122).

My super special price of just £10 (approx $12) is only available until June 1st!


Who is this for? It is for women between the ages of 18 – 120 who want to have a go at creating some art. No matter what their experience level, they will definitely learn something on this course.

Will it work for me? If you have a go then yes! The videos are easy to follow, with step by step instructions and you are always encouraged to follow your own way if you want to. So whether you are nervous about art or are just looking for a new course to add to your library it will definitely work for you!

How do I access it? You will be redirected to a PDF with all of the login information after you pay via Paypal. (I can always email the PDF over if there are any issues there). Once you have that PDF saved you can access your courses whenever and wherever you would like to!

How long do I get to keep my courses for? You have lifetime access to your courses so you can use them as many times as you’d like to.