Custom Aura Angel Art

Custom Aura Angel Art

Are you wanting to connect to your creative soul?

Have you always wondered about the spiritual side of you?

Would you like to know more about your aura, your guide and your soul’s footprint?

Let me paint a picture you might recognise … You’re feeling a little stuck right now. Maybe you are wanting to remind yourself why creativity is so important. Maybe you feel like you’re not fully connected – your intuition is on the fritz and you can’t imagine getting back onto an even keel at all.

You’re frustrated. You long for a deeper connection to your magical, spiritual self. You need a reminder to honour your soul each day. You need something to inspire you, to spur you on, to see yourself for the truly magical being you really are.

I have what you’ve been looking for …

Custom Aura Angel Art

Custom Aura Angel Art is the perfect way to find out more about your creative soul self. It will reveal to you something special. It will remind you to be more connected, to take time to create, to make time to meditate, each time you look at it in your space. It will support you on your soul’s creative journey, and you will have a wonderful piece of custom art to brighten up your home. What could be better?

Custom Aura Angel Art

Why listen to me?

I’m Sarah, an artist and soul seeker who knows the value of being connected with your soul. I too at one stage was completely stuck and unhappy. I ignored the whispers to connect and go within for such a long time that I ended up in a very unhappy place in my life. It was only when I started to connect more and create that I felt truly happy, and I haven’t looked back since. I’d love to help you ground yourself and get in touch with your creative soul, as I have done for so many women over the years.

This Aura Angel art offering is designed to help you connect with your creativity, ignite your soul self, and really see your true magical potential.

When you click Buy Now you will be taken over to paypal to complete your purchase. I will then contact you via email as soon as I can.

A Bright Yellow Aura Angel

Here’s what’s included in this gorgeous offering:

We’ll communicate via email in order to read your aura and footprint.

You’ll simply send me over a full length photograph of you. I’ll print it off, connect to your energy and aura, and create your art for you without you having to leave your house at all.

Super simple, super effective.

Super special.

I’ll then connect to your energy, with the help of my Angelic Guide, and take a peek at your aura and your soul’s footprint. I’ll share some of that information with you after our session, and take some notes for me to work from.

Then I’ll get to work.

I’ll create a bespoke and original whimsical Aura Angel Art work that shows you your Aura exactly.

Imagine being able to see that, whenever you wanted to? To allow that image to be a reminder of the need to be free, to be fulfilled. To escape the mundane and connect with your soul self.

I’ll add in the details of your soul’s footprint numerically.

I’ll share you – your energy, your aura and your soul – in the form of a whimsical Angel.

I’ll then parcel it up (along with more details about your soul and your aura) and post it directly to your door.

You’ll have a genuinely unique piece of art work to cherish forever.

An Aura Angel for Celine
Custom Aura Angel Art

Custom Aura Angel Canvasses cost £67 (Approx $79).

a cornflour blue aura angel


Who is this for? It is for women between the ages of 18 – 120 who want to know themselves better, connect with their spiritual side and enjoy angelic art.

Will it work for me? It will act as a catalyst for you, lovely. Each time you see it you will be reminded of your need to connect with your creative soul and it will accompany you at every meditation session.

How do I get a painting?  After you pay via Paypal I will email you to get the ball rolling. Once I have your photo I can get to work connecting with your guide and creating your special aura angel art.

Custom Aura Angel Art

Custom Aura Angel Canvasses cost £67 (Approx $79).

Also, while stocks last each purchase of an original art piece from my store comes with THREE FREE GIFTS! These will be selected for you from a range of lovely necklaces, brooches, notebooks, cards and other goodies.

These won’t last forever though – so grab the extra gifts while you can! Check out the picture above for samples of these free gifts you will recieve.

Custom Aura Angel Art Testimonials

Just a few words from some lovely ladies I have worked with before. They have allowed themselves that lovely soul’s nudge and they feel the better for it. Perhaps you’ll be next?

Custom Aura Angel Art


Custom Aura Angel Art


Custom Aura Angel Art

Custom Aura Angel Art